Your property is surveilled by us in accordance with your specifications – as if an “on-site security force” was positioned around your home.
We are alerted in an instant as soon as an intruder takes one single step onto your property.

IR-barriers and special motion detectors capture the intruder far outside your estate.

A specialized software immediately shows the “visitor” on the monitors in our control centre.

In the control centre the situation is immediately assessed by our competent processors.
Now your “on-site security force”springs into action:
  • It can "see" by the cameras
  • It can "hear and speak" by a special intercom system
The intruder is challenged to identify himself and and never let out of focus by the alarm control unit.
Normally an intruder would have taken flight by now.
But if the intruder does not react, the following agreed actions are taken:
  • The police is notified, whereas detailed information about the actual situation can be given
  • You are notified via phone, SMS or eMail
  • Your neighbour is informed
  • Sirens or flood lights are activated
  • ...
In short: We react before it’s too late,
because the intruder is already under close surveillance even before entering your property.

This little introduction to our system certainly cannont answer all open questions; and understandably nobody would entrust just anybody with something as important as one’s own personal security. A personal conversation is always better than text to clarify any open questions. If you therefore prefer to have a conversation with one of our friendly customer advisors, please follow this link and enter your data into the form which will appear. We will contact you as soon as possible. Contact!