Do you already have a panic room?

The assault on the danish caricaturist Kurt Westergaard has finally attracted notice to a commonly neglected subject: the glaring lack of panic rooms. As the installation of a panic room can be quite simple, it is surprising that only a few people have taken this step. It is easier than the installation of solar panels on the roof and can be presented more aestetically.

Panic Room – this term became world-famous through the correspondent film starring Jodie Foster in 2002. But we do not just build panic rooms, but also specially secured sleeping rooms or even complete floors with sleeping rooms and nurseries.

An acoustic alarm is raised to detect an intruder, the residents are safe and can follow the events through special monitors and communicate with the control centre and the police. An absolute advantage. Especially people who have already been afflicted or even abused by burglars become our customers. Often they have completely lost trust in their own home. The panic room helps restoring that security.